InvestinArt, founded by Corinne Shane more than 20 years ago, specializes in locating oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, lithographs, etchings, sculptures, textiles, photos and vintage posters for corporations, law and accounting firms, professional service organizations and institutions seeking to enhance their offices with appropriate and well-priced works of art.

InvestinArt does not charge for its time analyzing a client's space and requirements. Nor does it charge for its time "in the field" researching and locating appropriate art. It is only when a purchase is made that a cost is incurred and that is based on the cost of the art selected.

InvestinArt consultants meet with prospective clients, analyzing their tastes in art, the kind of "look" and feel they want the art to impart to the particular site, as well as budget parameters.

Then a search is launched through InvestinArt's international network to find quality works that the client will enjoy; art that helps to create a welcoming and humanizing environment. Because InvestinArt works out of an office rather than a gallery, its overhead is low. Therefore, the art is priced very competitively and advantageously.

InvestinArt does not represent or promote specific artists nor does it keep an inventory. Rather, to provide the most objective advice, InvestinArt searches for and finds the most appropriate art for each client; art that reflects the client's culture. For example, for a firm that counsels railroad clients, InvestinArt found art depicting various railroads, locomotives and cabooses; for a firm with Japanese clients, InvestinArt found 18th century Japanese screens and woodblock prints; for one of the largest international law firms, InvestinArt found 18th century prints depicting the area in London where law firms were centered.

InvestinArt accommodates all types of firms and budgets -- large and small-- and is happy to take on a job whether or not the services required are as simple as installing one or two posters or are as complex as commissioning and installing a major structure.

InvestinArt creates new art programs for corporations as well as taking over existing programs when clients change art consultants.



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