"Although not every CEO can say what he or she wants when it comes to art, their environment tells a lot, says art consultant Shane. When she first speaks to prospective corporate clients, she's equal-parts architect, brand manager and shrink. We see the annual report, we look at their furnishings, we ask whether they have dress-down Fridays. We want the flavor of the whole place."

- The New York Observer

"Pick carefully and buy only what you genuinely love, says Corinne Shane, president of InvestinArt, a consulting firm that helps companies build art collections, because your firm should be prepared to live with the works of art it selects for many years."

- Law Office Economics & Management

"Art is for prestige, it's supposed to tell the culture of a firm, says Corinne Shane, who in 1981 founded InvestinArt, a New York Consultancy that counts several area law firms among its clients. People walk in and look at their surroundings and say, Do I have confidence in this firm?"

- The National Law Journal

"And as management tastes change -- as well as management itself -- so can the acquisitions, says Corinne Shane, owner of InvestinArt, a New York based art consultancy specializing in locating art for businesses including Spear Leeds & Kellogg."

- The Street. Com

"Shane feels that without a gallery to support she doesn't have to mark up pieces substantially... Relying on volume, she has been known to take a smaller mark up if the art is very appropriate for the space."

- Interior Design Magazine

"Even the most frugal of corporations can start a quality art collection if it shops around carefully, does its homework and follows a few simple rules", says Corinne Shane of InvestinArt:

  • Decide what type of art to collect. A company that wants to project a very contemporary new-as-tomorrow image can achieve that by collecting abstract art from living artists. Conversely, a firm that prides itself on its rock solid heritage may opt for traditional art.

  • Find a reputable art consultant. These professionals save you a lot of work and worry as well as money.

  • Establish a budget. Even a firm with a very limited art budget can still acquire good art without overspending."

- Manhattan Arts International


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